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Angry Man Pours Urine on Neighbor’s Home in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 2, 2010

from wierdasian news….

A man has been arrested for pouring his urine on a neighboring house on 169 occasions, causing the victim 650,000 yen in losses, police said.

Hiroshi Nishizaki, 46, a part-time worker from Ikeda, stands accused of damaging a structure. He admitted to the allegations during questioning.

xinsrc 4020703061418987175062 Man Pours Urine on Neighbors House 169 Times picture

“The view from my apartment has been blocked by the neighboring house, which was recently built, and I was irritated,” he was quoted as telling investigators.

Investigators are grilling Nishizaki over the exact motives for his crime.

Nishizaki urinated into bottles or pots and poured it on the outer wall of the neighboring house and over one of its outdoor air conditioning units from his apartment on at least 169 occasions between Feb. 17 this year and Monday this week, local police said. On one day, he stained the neighbor’s home nine times.

The victim was forced to replace part of the outer wall and suffered 650,000 in losses.

Nishizaki reportedly began to stain the neighboring home with his urine immediately after it was build in November 2004, investigators said.

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