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Three Gorges Dam Clogged in China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 2, 2010

This story about the 3 gorges dam in China being potentially clogged due to a collection of garbage has been reported quite a bit in the last four hours, so I faithfully Googled it as I found nothing about it in the local media. The funny thing is that when I double click on any article regarding this story, it is unavailable- dare I say blocked…
Yes this is correct, I cannot give you any more information about the fact that the three gorges dam in China which has about 3 tons of rubbish removed per day, is in danger of closing down due to this refuse that may get caught in its massive turbines. I know this dam is very important to China and possibly this is the reason for my inability to access the article, but I am unsure at this point.
I guess if you want more on it you can search, I am not so lucky.

(delay +3 hours)

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