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Chinese Immigrants- New Face of China’s Spies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 8, 2010

This is a post about the Chinese commuinsts using Chinese in other countries to spy on us. And the truth is that we are fools for allowing it to happen. We have this idea that everyone just wants a better life and to live like us. The truth is that China plays with a different set of beliefs, they are not like the west at all. Thus, we either understand this, or we get screwed. Look at Deutshce Telecom, they are inking a deal with Huawei, Chinese guy with deep governmental ties. Huawei has new office buildings in Beijing and on the walls it says in essence that the communist party is the Human Resources department for the company. This is the truth of China.
(Kudos to India for not allowing them in ((Huawei), they are worried about security)

Article by Kobi Dashai
Be subtle! be subtle! and use your spies for every kind of business. – Sun Tzu in Art of War, Chapter XIII

For nearly two decades, Beijing has mobilized the Chinese-American community to penetrate US military corporations that are working on government defense contracts. According to the US Central Intelligence Agency, Beijing recruits these agents by playing the “shared ancestry” card as an accompaniment to the usual monetary remuneration.

US counter-espionage professionals contend that this is a unique style patented by China wherein the agents are relative amateurs such as Chinese students, businesspersons, visiting scientists as well as persons of Chinese heritage living in the US. Each individual may produce only a small iota of data, but a network of such persons could vacuum up an extensive amount of sensitive military and economic information.

Attesting to this strategy, high-profile arrests of Chinese intelligence agents in the US are always characterized as “spy rings” that involved multiple coordinates. Chi Mak was arrested in 2005 along with four other family members who were acting as couriers or accomplices at different points of the information chain that allegedly traced its way from Los Angeles to China’s Ministry of State Security and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

In February, the duo of Tai Shen Kuo and Yu Xin Kang was arrested in New Orleans, Louisiana, for purchasing classified data about US weapons systems being shipped to Taiwan. While Kuo apparently cultivated a relationship with a Pentagon official, Kang acted as a “cut out” or intermediary between Kuo and a Chinese government official.

Unrelated to Kuo and Kang’s case is the arrest in February 2008 of Dongfan Chung, an ex-Boeing engineer accused of passing on details of antenna systems for space shuttles to the Chinese government. Chung’s indictment claims that he had good relations with Mak’s family and had been advised by his Chinese handlers to pass information through Mak in the 1980s…
The eventual dropping of spying charges against some Chinese Americans like nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee has generated cries of racial profiling and harassment of Asians in the US. However, the bevy of new cases since Lee confirms that China is indeed using its immigrants strategically.

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