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Shanghai Residents Live in Tents Fear for Building Quality- Poorly Made in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 8, 2010

The Chinese are throwing up buildings right and left and the quality assurance is quite low. Here is a case where the Chinese are taking a stand and saying that they dont trust the buildings as in this particular area the buildings are actually cracking and the foundations are sinking.

Fears of building collapse force residents into tents
Residents pitch tents on the pavement outside their homes in Shanghai on Thursday to draw attention to their apartment buildings sinking and cracking, allegedly as a result of construction at a nearby hotel to expand its premises. [WONG LEI / FOR

SHANGHAI – Angry residents whose apartment buildings are sinking and cracking have set up tents in front of the Bothland Hotel Shanghai to protest the hotel’s expansion construction.

Residents of Yihong Jingyuan, a residential development in Hongkou district, said their buildings’ conditions are due to “brutal construction” of the neighboring hotel that began early this year, which includes an underground car park.

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