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Another Mal-Adjusted One Child Policy in China Goes Bad…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

Guest poster, Duwuam

China’s one-child policy people are maladjusted, suffer from a broader and deeper range of neuroses and in general can really suck. This excerpt from the chinadaily kind of corroborates this assertion. Some p*ssy whipped guy called in a bomb threat so that his ‘shorty’ would not go to the expo in Shanghai. Firstly the expo sucks, from what I heard, and secondly, it was probably a good way to get her nagging ass away from his house for a bit….or maybe its just me…


“ZHENGZHOU – A man was jailed Tuesday for a plane bomb hoax in Central China’s Henan province designed to stop his girlfriend from visiting the Shanghai Expo. Tian Yu, 21, was sentenced for one and a half years by the Gulou District People’s Court in Henan’s Kaifeng city.”

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