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Forcing Communism in China-Chicom Channel

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2010

I am not anal retentive, but I have to once again address the issue of the chicom channel or channels. Chicom channels is what you can call TV in China which is basically controlled by the ruling communist party in China. It is called CCTV and basically is not really TV, but bullshit geared to make China look great and the rest of the world look like beggars, peasants, and barbarians.
At home I can avoid the chicom channel as I have a satellite (although it is illegal-but I live in China, so the definition of that word is ambiguous). The satellite allows me to view normal TV, or at least more normal than the chicoms allow me to view.
So, anyway, I was at the gym and was enjoying a good sweaty workout and my Kindle. When I tired of the Kindle, I turned on the TV attached to the walking machine and what greeted me but the Chicom channel. Understand, that I am at a pretty good hotel that is quite international and thus they usually pipe in the voice of reason, or western TV as I like to call it. But no, this gym had nothing but Chicom TV on my walking machine. Being the intelligent sort, I moved to the machine on my right, and there what greeted me was also chicom TV, and these machines did not even have a remote so that one could change channels. So again being the intelligent sort, I started to glance at the TV’s that littered the place, and much to my surprise, it was all on the Chicom channel.
I had an epiphany, it seems to me that China, being the intelligent sort really needs to utilize their media to overcome all of the negative images that one has while living and working here in China. So, if they bombard us with feels good images of the noble red army saving some little villagers in a mudslide, that we will forget the fact that 800 Chinese own about 16% her wealth, or the fact that over 90% of all millionaires are the children of communist party members…ok that was a cheap shot, as I’ ve provided those stats before, so let me try again. So, I had an epiphany, it was as if the communist party likes to show feels good images of China, or pipe in the worst news from the west, so that we will forget that Chinese babies are growing breasts due to shitty Chinese milk product, or the fact that once again tainted milk (the same from the scandal during the Olympics) has found itself on the shelves in China… or maybe that was a cheap shot.
or maybe, it was not a cheap shot at all. Maybe China deserves these backhands, as they need to take care of their people, most human beings deserve better.

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