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Barbaric China WTF Are They Thinking- Guy Kills Cop Then Buys a Beer and Sits in The Street

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

Here is a post from Chinahush. This is crazy, a guy kills a cop in broad daylight with a few knives. Then the guy goes and buys a bottle of beer and sits in the street, presumably waiting for the other cops to come. My question are:

-Who sold the guy the beer? After seeing him cut up a cop, werent they nervous?

-what kind of beer was it, domestic or import?

-How did he act when he ordered it? Did he say something like “Wow, cutting up a cop really gives you a craving for a frosty one, hey, do you have Bud in a bottle?”

-Did the guy who sold him the beer actually give it to him or sell it. I mean who is going to argue with a guy covered in blood who is weilding a couple of knives that have recently been used…

China is cool but bizarre. Yes they have opened up, but have they really civilized themselves?


Summary: July 31 noon, a police officer in Dandong, Liaoning Province, was stabbed to death by a man. After the incident, the suspect armed with two daggers confronted the police. After the warning shots fired by the police had no effect, they shot him down, and after subduing him, sent him to the hospital for treatment. The officer stabbed died on the scene.

In Liaoning, China, a policeman lies on the street having been stabbed to death while his assailant sits on a beer crate at a distance.

After the assailant stabbed the police officer, he purchased beer and sat upon a crate.

The elder brother of the killer (white) tries talking to the killer.

Here, a middle-aged male motorcyclist wearing white appeared, probably the murderer’s elder brother, and he went up to intervene, but because of the distance, I could only faintly hear several sentences of dialogue. The murderer’s brother: “What are you doing? You’ve stabbed a person.” The murdered yelled: “So what? They deserve to die, all police deserve to die. Since I’ve already killed one, killing a few more would be even better. Each one that comes is each one that I will kill.”

Police officers have shot and subdued the killer.

With warning shots ineffective, the police open fired and brought down the suspect.

Rescue workers confirm that the stabbed policeman is already dead.

Paramedics rush to the scene, the stabbed police already dead.

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