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China’s Hilton Resort Smells Like Ass

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

I love China and love to travel, but my last trip to a resort area in China was less than impresive. I went to a tourist area and paid quite a bit to stay at the HIlton. The funny thing is that the Hilton hallways stunk like ass or funk. I dont know if they recently repainted or what, but when you walk down the halls it smells like a greyhound bus leaving from the south side of Chicago. The smell is actually a volitivle mixture of butt funk and pencil lead or oil.
I have heard the Chinese say that they are upset as the cars like the Mercedes that are in China are not of the same quality as those that they drive in Germany, after coming to this Hilton, I wouild have to say that if it is representative of the quality of goods shipped to China, then I totally agree.

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