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Spying on Us In Chinese Hotels

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

I recently stayed at a hotel in China, actually have stayed at a few. And it never seems to amaze me how my pc always acts up after such events. My inner child says its just my mind playing tricks on me, but my Chinese ‘comrades’ tell me differently.
It is a well known thing here that the Chinese will enter the rooms of unsuspecting foreigners, only to scour our hard drives looking for business secrets or ideas to ‘borrow’. As for me, they will be disappointed as I only have ‘shared music and movies’.. This does not seem to stop the chicoms however, as I have had to clean my laptop several times as it has had viruses implanted in it.
My work laptop never leaves my sight when I am in China, I know better, they can only try to tap into my personal one. I think I will photoshop some compromising photos of the current leaders with farm animals, I wonder what they would do then….

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