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An American in China

Party- Koreans, Chinese , Malaysians, Americans, Aussies, Englishmen, Indians, Singaporeans….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 11, 2010

These are scenes from a  party in China, no bullshit, just read, think and enjoy. This is how I processed the event, or maybe it was told to me, I guess it all depends on who is reading this, if its my colleagues, then I disavow any knowledge of it an it came from a friend, if it is read by the other 6.29999999 billlion people, then enjoy, sometimes the truth has to be told….

-Chinese just happy to enjoy the party without having the red guard kick the dog shit out of them for not carrying the little red book
-Singaporeans watching the Chinese and loathing them, with each percentage point increase in Chinese GDP they become less and less relevant
-Malaysians trying to fit in , worried that no one gives a f**k about their beautiful land, they scoot to the corner
-Indians, dancing singing, happy, thats just how Indians are, good rhythm and songs
-Australian trying to chase tail, bald head, not concerned
-Englishman big beer bellies, just enjoying, no hoodlums about to kick their ass, take their milk money
-Koreans trying to hide their hatred for all the other countries in region who are trying to take their piece of the pie
-me hiding in the corner like a vulture, swooping down keying in to their misery
-Chinese/American so drunk he cant talk, waving his arms to songs , banging people in their heads
-Indians singing songs that last as long as a soccer match
-Shanghai women moving to music that no one else hears, rhythm not a pre req for living there
-Bosses swigging 900 RMB bottles of China’s finest alcohol, the rest swig watered down beer
-Gay guy from Singapore/Malaysia trying to hide his sexuality but failing

Americans cocky, showing their swag, only 5% have a passport

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