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China Fact- How Chinese Feel About Blacks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 12, 2010

China likes to call herself an accepting nation, and that is true for the most part, as long as you are a foreigner and usually the whiter skinned the better. China confuses envy, ie. they love the west as they envy us and actually hate that backwards Chinese aspect of themselves that comes out whenever they are in public.
So, armed with the above hypothesis that Chinese view foreigners better than themselves, I aimed at testing it. I was doing some research for a company and then added a piece about how Chinese taxis view foreigners, this is what they had to say, in general, about other countries. Here is what they had to say, specifically, about blacks.
-drink too much
-try to sell the cabbies drugs
-try to do bad things with Chinese women
-never pay the full bill, ie. if it is 38 rmb, they will pay 30 and say they have no more
-will take long rides, ie to the airport and then run from the cab without paying their bills
-smell odd
-black women are more arrogant than the men
-black women have huge rear ends
-black women are unbearable
-they did a good job with the world cup

They cannot differentiate between blacks from the US v France etc. so these are views in general of the race.

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