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Pregnant Chinese Fly to the Usa Only to Deliver a Baby To Get Citizenship-America Allows This To Happen!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 12, 2010

(I have three Chinese colleagues who have done this recently. They paid money and sent their wives to the US only to have a child, hey overstayed her visa and gave birth, with no other intention than to make the kid a US citizen with all the rights that we have. China has four times as many people as we do and unfettered travel from them poses ripe opportunities to undertake this sort of behavior)
There has been a lot of debate in the US recently about amending the 14th amendment to the Constitution. This amendment was made to enable slaves to be citizens in the mid nineteenth century. The problem is that due to this amendment, anyone born in the US automatically becomes a citizen.
The Chinese are actively exploiting this loophole by traveling while pregnant to the US to bear a child, with no other reason than to have the kid be a citizen. This means that this kid will enjoy the same rights as those of us who have worked in the US and paid taxes all of our lives. The kid will have social security,,,,access to education, health care etc. And will have done nothing more than be born in the USA.
The Chinadaily wrote an article saying how many Chinese are flocking to the states to give birth so the kid will be an American, they actually called it one of the best gifts for a child. So wtf is the communist party thinking? They are admitting that the US is a better place than communist China, and encouraging this activity?
The Washingont Post also did an article about some guy from Taiwan who exploited this loophole and then set up a business in China selling this service. For about U$14 k, this guy sets up a package whereby you can fly to the US, have your kid, an air conditioned bed food, the whole works, all just to game the US system for citizenship.
To me this is pretty shitty. The US was built upon the backs of immigrants, and this makes sense to me, but there is a difference between some poor person coming to the states in pursuit of a better life, and some affluent Chinaman sneaking over here to exploit our resources.
This is the danger of China, the country has at least 1 300 000 000 people, that is a lot of kids to be shucked out overseas all in the name of not being a Chinaman. In fact, the Chinese are even going to Hong Kong to bear kids as a Chinaman born in Hong Kong has different rights as a Chinaman born in the mainland. The number of Chinese having kids in Hong Kong is over 100 000 over the past several years and the Hong Kongese are pissed, they dont like the mainland invasion.
To me it makes sense. This is the China cost, they in general are a people who will do anything to escape the misery they have caused in their country, but are forcing us to pay the price. Why , for instance, should a communist party member have millions or billions, all gotten by corruption, raping human rights and contaminating their land and then get a free pass to US citizenship all because they they have the cash to do so..
.But, in reality it is our faults, we allow this to happen, the world really needs to reconsider her policies in many respects, with the rise of China.

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