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I Now Understand Why Chinese Think a Foreigner is a Loser If They Stay in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 13, 2010

I never understood why the Chinese say that foreigners living in China are losers, but now I do. They said it was about the details, meaning the actual goings on of living in China are so unbearable when compared to the west, that no one in their right mind would want to stay in this place!
Yesterday it all fell into place, as I finally understood them. I was in an airport, which one does not matter, as they are all the same. In the airport I was exposed to the real China, the China that the Chinese see each day but we may be somewhat shielded from. What I saw was masses of people with little or no education, (and this is China’s middle class and affluent), who stood around, spitting, picking their noses and clucking like hens. The general lack of couth and manners were appalling. I saw two women fight, kids running about screeching like banshees, people pushing each other, squatting on chairs without shoes,pushing to get in lines, hacking up phlegm, dropping rubbish on the floor and this was at a resort area. In general the atmosphere was like a carnival, or like a middle east bazaar.
Thus, to a Chinaman, how any foreigner could desire to live while surrounded by all of this discomfort, dissonance and bad taste, is beyond them, and to be honest, yesterday I finally understood their sentiments.

3 Responses to “I Now Understand Why Chinese Think a Foreigner is a Loser If They Stay in China”

  1. I totally agree…and I would like to add another reason they think we’re losers:

    You couldn’t make it in your home country so you come here.

  2. rob said

    I have worked for a few Chinese companies and actually they are right. The Chinese do not respect human beings at all, and I have often asked myself just what the hell I am doing here.

  3. Hsun said

    Well, then, maybe you should go back to your perfect little countries, who by the way, owe China so much money. Why do foreigner people complain so much, but yet invade my beauty country?

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