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Pissed Off in China- Tackey Chinese Forceful Photography is Annoying

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 13, 2010

I am no elitist, just a middle class American trying to get along. But one thing that I find terribly annoying in China is their incessant need to take annoying photos. Its not the photos that I dislike, but the lack of couth or class that the Chinese utilize in obtaining said photos.
For instance, I was in a resort area, and hoping to meet a better class of coolie, but apparently I was wrong, for while trying to enjoy some eggs and rice, I was constantly surrounded by Chinese women with their compulsory one child whom they like to think of as a bundle of joy, or social security system, but I like to refer to as ‘spoiled little dregs who decrease the quality of life exponentially with each step they take, or word they utter’- or maybe its just me.
But anyway, these mamasans, will push shove and do just about anytihg to get little wang (their offstpring ) into a photo. Today for instance, I was shoved from behind, moved, asked to move, and held a baby, all so that some lady with a grand total of about 5 Indian corn yellow teeth, could get a shot of her progeny with that patented ‘bowl hair cut’, so common in rural china.
I guess I shouldn’t bitch, it is there country. I just wish they could use a little more couth or awareness when interaction with foreigners….

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