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China Roles out the Red Carpet For Mexican Officials at Local Hotel- Pears For All!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 14, 2010

My friend from Mexico was visiting a while back, and when he came we visited a place called Tai Yuan. The place has great historical significance in China as it is over 2000 years old, and was also the place where they slaughtered Catholics over 400 years ago. The place was ok, but had that conservative ‘Pittsburgh steel city’ feel, like a rough and tumble place, not that open to foreigners, but I will blog that later.
The point of this post is that while visiting, it was incumbent upon me to score us lodging for the night. I approached a hotel quite near the train station and began to negotiate. I informed my potential hosts that I was accompanied by a man of great distinction and honor. I told them that I was with a great man from Mexico, who happened to work with the government and should be treated with honor and respect. My true intentions were nothing more to score a room upgrade or some ttchokie, and although my Mexican mate looked like a Taliban (they didn’t see him, he waited outside. It was quite funny to see us together, me bone white, and this man whom they thought to be an Iraqi, with our Chinese friend), they assured me that they were equipped to entertain such men of honor and distinction.   I asked what amenities that they may provide for such a great person and they assured me that they had some local delicacies they could provide to us, and the man would be thrilled, and that a gift would be provided for us in our respective rooms….. So we rushed to our rooms filled with curiosity and almost missed this great gift that they’d provided for this Mexican man of honor, the freaking gift was so crappy , we’d almost missed it, this was it.

This is what they prepared for us…no shit! After convincing them that the man was practically Mexican royalty, this is how they treated him, with a freaking bowl with only 3 peaches. What a sight, the bowl was not even filled with fruit, no grapes, no apples, but three measly moldy peaches is all that such a fine Mexican authority deserved…

(ok, maybe they decided all of this after we checked in, and in their estimation this Che Guevara look alike was potentially not an important man from the Mexican government, but come on, 3 peaches, even if he wasnt, doesnt any visitor merit more than this? BTW he was no government official, so in the end, their egregious behavior was justified. )

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