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Political Correctness in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 14, 2010

China is a pretty cool place all in all. I mean they have some issues, like the general lack of manners and hygiene and food that is not what it is supposed to be, and milk that give you breasts and the fact that you can go to jail for having a blog.. and… but I got a little off track.
My point when I started this post was to say that in general China is cool, actually it has some good points that we back home cannot enjoy. For instance, here you can comment about anything, ie. about white trash, blacks, hispanics, Chinese, and there are no laws nor liberals running around trying to call you a racist without even hearing you out. The Chinese, if nothing else, are at least tolerant in listening to why you may say what you wish to say (of course this does not include anything about Ti.bet, Tai.wan and maybe Xin.jiang), but other than that, if you know them, you can even talk about Mao. Compare this to the west where before you can even say that Bolivia or Brasil is a poor country, you must first invest three minutes explaining that you feel sorry for the poverty stricken and donate heavily to their causes.

So in China you can forgo all the bs and get right to your point, you can tell them how you feel and cut to the chase without the three minute compulsory politically correct crap. Compare that to the US where if you say you dont like Obama, the default is that you are a biggot, it has nothing to do with his politics. Here if you say you dont like him, they will probably accept it, they may ask why, ask if it is a racial thing, then they will listen.
This feeling of being able to express ones self is lacking in the west. If you say you like Palestinians, you are an anti Semite, if you do not hate Germany, then you are an Aryan, and a whole host of other idiotic things. I feel a general sense of ease being able to express myself freely in public and wish others could do so as well. Thus, if you come visit China, please feel free to share with the locals, your outlook on life. The truth will set us all free, or at least some good strong opinions will do so. Remember its like that great song by that one alleged pervert who allegedly was a pedophile and liked to touch little boys (MJ) said in one of his songs ” There’s good and bad in everyone…”
Tolerance means tolerance to what each and everyone has to say, no matter how shitty it may be.

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