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Shanghai Has Piss Infested Swiming Pools, Come One Come All- Shanghai has Excess Levels of Urea in Pools

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 14, 2010

This is probably not newsworthy for those of us who live here. While on vacation the other day, I saw a guy in his 30’s leave his hotel room with his little boy (one child soon to be annoyance, as some like to call them) , and then proceed directly to the baby pool, where the boy pulled down his pants and urinated. This was not done ten meters from his hotel room where, presumably, they had a toilet as the rest of us did. I was almost floored, but have live here for a while, so just figured, this is China. Anyway, the excerpt below is from the Shanghaiist and talks about excess levels of urea are in pools in Shanghai. Either they are pissing too much or the dirty owners never clean their pools, its probably both.

“MORE than 16 percent of public swimming pools in the city have excess levels of urea, which is excreted in urine and sweat, officials from the Shanghai Health Supervision Agency said yesterday. The officials added that the excess urea may be caused by overcrowding and long-term use of the water.

“According to current laws, there is no penalty for excessive urea in swimming pools,” said Zhong Yue, an official from the Huangpu District Health Supervision Agency. “The authorities usually give notice and suggest pool owners change the water more frequently.”

The city has 498 public pools, including those in hotels, schools and gyms. The checks were done last month. They found that only 344 pools met all requirements on hygiene, staff qualifications and facilities. More than 25 percent of pools failed checks on at least one item.”

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