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Chicoms Declare Mothers to Blame in Latest Milk Scandal- All Chinese Babies Will Grow Breasts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 15, 2010

The Chinese department of bullshit, or propaganda or something like that has declared that the latest milk scandal was untrue and that once again Chinese milk is safe. Or, well, not really safe as they still have thousands of tons of that toxic milk from the Olympics and then there is the case of three Chinese infants who now have breasts, but thats beside the point.
The government has assembled a task force that is beyond reproach, and they have tested Chinese milk and even bench marked it against US milk and have found it to be normal! Thus speaketh the Chicoms…
Hmmm pardon me for not being convinced, but the credibility crisis that has hit China over the last century has me somewhat jaded. I mean, we are talking about infants, like 12 months old, who have developed breasts and have hormone levels of grown women. And remember, in China, the typical women develops breasts when she is 22 , if at all, but to have infants doing so is alarming. But of course the government was all over it like Speedos on a fat man, and have assured the public that all is ok, and to drink milk and be happy. I predict that in two months we will hear that there was a problem with the milk, this is China’s modus operandi, so book mark this post.
(also in the name of full disclosure, I have developed man tits since coming to China, nothing over the top, just perky little buds hthat bounce when I run, I have since given up on jogging and milk, but the damned breasts have stayed. Actually, no shit, I thought I was so quit driking milk, I also heard that they give estrogen to chickens and that some time back a butt load of men got gyncomastia or bitch tits)

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