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Farmers- The Bane of China- China Subway Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 17, 2010

Here is a shot that Chinese are embarrassed of. Its odd as these people are farmers and the backbone of China per Chairman Mao. He basically elevated these types of people to the highest positions and took the educated and sent them to the farms, killed them and took their land.
There is some good in the idea of respecting these people, for imho, these farmers tend to be much more honest, curious and fun to speak to than China’s city dwellers.
The funny thing is that China has an unwritten rule, it has a caste system and the typically Chinamen is embarrassed of these farmers, it reminds them of their poor roots. They think that if they talk to these folks (they would never do this), that maybe some of the poorness of the country folk will rub off on them, so they ignore these people at all costs. The funny thing is that the Hong Kong people feel the same way about all mainland Chinese.
But if you come, and you should, you will gt to talk to these folks, much to the chagrin of your Chinese friends, and you will enjoy them for their simplistic ways and honesty.

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