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Beware of Your ‘Friendly Neighborhood Chinese Doctor….- Chinese Doctor Allegedly Kills and Indian in the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 18, 2010

After hearing about that Chinese student getting kicked out of the USA, and then the school killings by 40 year old Chinese guys, I started to hear more stories of such events from my friends back home. One person I know has a company and had to lay off several Chinese scientists, one of whom threatened his life. Others have had to let go Chinese doctors and scientists, almost all of whom have filed suits against their companies. This leads us to a guy named Dr. Wang.

I blogged this before, but this guy Dr. Wang is Chinese but working in the USA. He was sacked for reasons unknown, but apparently was very aggressive with other staff and caused problems. Supposedly the Chinese guy Wang was told that he would not be fired if he took a mental disability leave (of course with us, the US taxpayers footing the bill) and he was labeled as excitable, and unable to control his anger. The guy was unemployed for two years and sued the hospital for discrimination of course and of course he didnt go home, i mean why would he…

So he hung out in the States and then allegedly killed another doctor named Toor from India, with whom he’d had problems before ( read the excerpt below to see what the guy had with him when arrested). This really makes you wonder about the stability of that ‘friendly Chinese couple’ down the road….


Police say Wang told them he had been accused of threatening Toor and poking him in the eye when they worked together at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in New York. A history of confrontations with Toor and other colleagues at Kingsbrook led to his dismissal two years ago. He also had a federal discrimination lawsuit pending against the hospital.

Printouts on two other people directly involved in Wang’s dismissal and directions were found in Wang’s van when he was arrested shortly after the shooting, police said. The vehicle also had 1,000 rounds of ammunition, a wig, hammer and a knife, police said Tuesday”

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