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Chicoms to Create Internet Search Engine- What Can Those Sneaky Fellas Be Up To???

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 18, 2010

A few days ago the Times did an article about “Search Engine New Media International Communications Company”. Which is a venture set up by the chicoms, presumably to take advantage of China’s growing internet and cell phone users and make some cash. The article states how the ruling communist party can use this company and this platform to make cash reach people , yada yada.
I think they are missing the bigger picture here. Lately the chicoms have set out to use ‘soft power’ and promote the new kinder gentler communist, not that mean old monster commie of old, but a friend, the kind of guy you can sit with, chat and have a cold one. Thus, by setting up this company and search engine, the Chicoms have unfettered access to their own people, as well as access to the rest of the world and think of all the young minds they can manipulate, I mean inform.
Actually what I just said, is basically similar to what many have been thinking so I may have wasted my time and yours, so let me leave you with this. How about the notion that the chicoms are doing this for two reasons, that which I have already stated and also to hide more information from their people, but on a more subtle scale. For instance, China has Baidu, which is a Chinese website, but it is not directly controlled by he chicoms, so occasionally things will leak (like this memo which I cannot access because I live in China), but when things leak, they are quickly cleaned up and sanitized. But as stated, the websites are somewaht independent, at least momentarily. And China is afriad of this indegpendence. China has only had 500 years of peace over the last 2500 years, and one of their goals is to provide more TV and internet to their people, and thus they feel that unfettered access to information is a bad thing, its better to guard it like they do in the local xinhua state run media entity. For the chicoms also believe that if 900 000 000 people have daily access to information that now is closely guarded, it can mean some serious unrest in the middle kingdom. And unrest here, is a bad thing. Just imagine if those 900 000 000 people had the same access to information that you may have, what would they do with it? They may do good things like study and change their habits, or they may do bad. In the end we really dont know, but the chicoms are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best and going to put an iron fist up the bowels of the net, all in for the sake of preserving peace in the land. As China opens up and grows, it is faced with this problem of how to shield potentially harmful information (harmful to the party vz truth of corruption, pollution etc) from the masses such that they do not obtain it and do nasty things…..

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