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More Chinese Become American Citizens Then Steal Our Technlogy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 21, 2010

Here is another example of one of China’s biggest exports- spies. The Chinese are so nationalistic, and have different morals than your typical westerner.In their minds China has suffered from foreigners and thus they deserve to steal our secrets, or it could just be their general lack of morality.
In the case below, (which seems similar to the case in Motorola where a husband and wife team up to allegedly steal secrets from the US company that has hired and sponsored Chinese and made them citizens) a husband and wife from China were sponsored by GM and brought to the land of milk and honey and then stole secrets from the US company. The thing is that if they had done this in China, they would be executed or jailed or had their hands lopped off, but it is the US so we will bend over backwards to protect them…. The US can be pretty naive at times, and better wake up before it is too late.

From the Huffington Post
DETROIT — A former General Motors engineer and her husband conspired to steal trade secrets about hybrid technology and use the information to make private deals with Chinese competitors, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday.

Shanshan Du and Yu Qin, both of Troy, were indicted on conspiracy, fraud and other charges. They had been under scrutiny for years and were charged in 2006 with destroying documents sought by investigators, a case that was dropped while a broader probe was pursued.

The indictment says Du, who was hired at GM in 2000, purposely sought a transfer in 2003 to get access to hybrid technology and began copying documents by the end of that year.

In 2005, she copied thousands of documents, five days after getting a severance offer from the automaker, according to the indictment.

By that summer, Qin was telling people he had a deal to provide hybrid technology to Chery Automobile, a GM competitor in China, the indictment says. The couple had set up their own company, Millennium Technology International.

excerpt 2:
A former GM employee and her husband–Shanshan Du and Yu Qin–stand accused of shuttling secrets out of the American automobile company and attempting to provide design information to a Chinese competitor.
General Motors values the stolen secrets at over $40 million and suspects that Du started loading documents onto a hard drive after the company offered her a severance package in January 2005.

[According to the
indictment,] Ms. Du accepted a severance package from G.M. and five days later copied thousands of pages of secret documentation onto a hard drive that belonged to a company that she and her husband had set up, called Millennium Technology International. Ms. Du then attempted to provide the hybrid technology to Chery Automobile, a Chinese automaker.[New
York Times

In 2006, after federal grand jury subpoenas for documents related to the couple’s company, FBI agents saw the pair dumping trash in a supermarket dumpster and later recovered shredded documents. Though the Bureau originally pushed to charge the couple with obstruction of justice, the AP reports, it decided instead to investigate further. The result was charges including conspiracy, unauthorized possession of trade secrets, and wire fraud; Du and Qin entered not-guilty pleas on Thursday.

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