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Toxic Milk in China is So Yesteday, Now They Have Babies Sprouting Chests

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 21, 2010

China has fought with a ton of natural disasters this year, as well as a ton of man-made ones. For instance, they had some more tainted milk cases, for which they are still punishing poeple, and then they have babies sprouting chests, due to either milk or fertilizer. The question is what kind of people inhabit this place and govern them that these types of occurrences are so commonplace that they are hardly newsworthy. They need prayer….

“BEIJING – Chinese police have arrested six suspects and detained 41 others who allegedly participated in distributing melamine-contaminated milk after a national crackdown in 2008, food safety authorities said Friday.

The latest melamine-tainted milk powder was first discovered in northwest China’s Gansu Province, and police traced the source to the Dongyuan Dairy Factory in Minhe County of neighboring Qinghai Province.

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