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Chinese Subways, a Rough and Tumble World- Fighting on the Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2010

Taking the subway in China is exactly like that scene in the book by Elie Wiesel’s (night) where the Nazi’s threw the bread crubms to the jews just to watch them fight over it. The idea of the book was to show humans at their most base level where mother fights against daughter and father against son all for a small morsel of food. Well, that is notion is basically what Chinese subways are like. It is a view of humanity at is most base and brutal level, all pushing shoving fighting, for a spot on a crowded subway that smells like ass.
Today the ride was like a battle Royale, or a UFC cum toughman contest. As the subway car approached the station, I witnessed the sweetest 50 year old woman, replete with old lady bonnet and tight smile ready to board the train. Suddenly the subway stopped and the doors whooshed open and the battle was on. The lady went nuclear:
a young guy maybe 28 and 126 pounds which technically makes him a Bantamweight pushed ahead of the lady, who is about 50 and goes about 138, making her a super lightweight.
round 1
The guy pushed into her, pissing her off, for which she shot a chopping right to his kidneys, an illegal blow but with no ref around, he could do nothing—-round scored a draw
round 2
the old lady lowered her shoulder into the guy and landed a glancing left to the lower back, also illegal but an effective blow, the guy could not counter—round scored for the old lady
round 3
young guy pushes back into the old lady throwing her off balance, rendering her hands useless—- round scored for the young guy
round 4
old lady doubles up with short rights and lefts to the kidneys, pissing off the young guy who raises his arm, presumalby to balance himself, and then landed a killer elbow smash to the old lady’s nose, drawing a tad bit of blood round scored

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