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Thanks to Project Hope, China now Has “Sichuan Tobacco Primary School”- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2010

China had this thing called project hope, read excerpt below , and in this, State owned Tobacco Companies were allowed to sponsor schools, and if they sponsored them, they would be allowed to use their names on the school. So China has schools that are named after tobacco products. One such school has the motto
“Ingenuity is the fruit of diligence – tobacco will help you succeed”
The west has been targeting kids for quite some time, so this should be no surprise, but such a brazen approach seems reprehensible. At least in the past, one could say that companies were somewhat ignorant of the effects of tobacco, but to do this today? I sometimes wonder if this is not some whacked form of population control in China. Today cancer is the leading cause of death and under a million people die from pollution alone, add to this millions of cancer deaths and you have a fairly efficient way to reduce your population. What a bizarre place…
The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that a third of the world’s smokers live in China. Cigarette brands are such an integral part of the establishment that even infant schools carry their names.When Mao Tse-tung came into power in 1949, he promised the Chinese people “food, a roof over your heads, and cigarettes”.

Thanks to the “Project Hope”, a government initiative launched in 1989 in which companies were invited to invest in the country’s poorest schools, the Chinese tobacco industry has been benefiting from free advertising in the most impressionable of institutes.

“Sichuan Tobacco Primary School”, “Liaoning Tobacco Company Primary School” and “Qinghai Tobacco Primary School” are just a few examples. Schools which have benefited from the generosity of tobacco company subsidies also have to adopt the name of the corporation. In the Sichuan school, the tobacco firm involved even put up a plaque carrying the slogan “Tobacco will help you succeed”.Well, if you’re trying to succeed in dying, then it’s no exaggeration – the WHO estimates that a million Chinese people die every year from smoking related illnesses.

slogan-ecole_0.jpg Outside the Sichuan Tobacco Primary School, where the plaque reads “Ingenuity is the fruit of diligence – tobacco will help you succeed”. The photo was published on the “Chinese Education News” website educhn.com along with an article entitled “Tobacco promotion plaque on school wall ceases to amaze”.


“Genius comes from hard work
Tobacco helps you to be successful”

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