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Chinese Don’t Even Trust Made in China Products

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 23, 2010

China knows what we all know and that is their products basically suck. After not one but three tainted milk scandals, and now the incidence of three babies in one city growing breasts, the Chinese are more skeptical than ever about Chinese goods, especially foodstuffs. This is interesting as these products are becoming more prevalent in the USA now. So how is it that we so readily consume what even the poor Chinese will not?

excerpt chinadaily
“About 33 percent of the respondents said they will no longer buy domestically manufactured milk powder because they doubt the quality, while 41 percent said they usually buy imported milk powder.

About 63 percent of the respondents said recent cases of poisonous and unsafe milk have made them suspicious of the quality of other foodstuff.The lack of confidence in domestically produced foodstuff is spreading, according to the survey. “In the past, I used to dine out very often – almost five times a week,” said Gui Hong, a 29-year-old marketing consultant. “Now, I always fix my dinner at home, where I know exactly what I am eating. Otherwise, I am always worried I might have eaten something harmful.”

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