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One Womb One Baby in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 23, 2010

China has the one child policy, but there is some confusion as to how it works, so let me clarify as best I can.
Ok, China has three types of laws, official, spur of the moment, and hidden laws. This allows them considerable flexibility in all that they do, but the premise of the one child policy is that one woman or one womb is allocated one child. That means that a man could have 10 wives and 10 kids, whereas a woman is not so lucky.
In addition, some provinces and areas allow you a ‘mulligan’ or a second chance if your first kid is a girl. Others will allow you a second kid after a certain period, such as 8 years or so. I am not sure if the later of these are official or unofficial rules, but they are true.

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