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How Much is That Virgin in The Window- Operating for Virginity in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 26, 2010

This is common in Asia, so of course China is no exception, especially with their proclivity for faking things. They have an operation, as described below, so that girls can repair their
hymen, so that their man will assume them a virgin. In the excerpt below, it is being performed on Chinese women over 20 who are looking to marry and their man wants a virgin…
I don’t know how important this is today, I mean to have a virgin and all, but I would say irrespective of whether or not she’d been tapped before, if a girl tells me shes a virgin, and can give a toe curling, white knuckler of a hummer, then I just have to assume that she’s been around the block before. …. or maybe its just me…

“Zhou, 44, said most of her patients are sexually active young women who are about to marry and have told their future husbands they are virgins. She said a smaller number want to forget a bad relationship and “start over,” and a few have been victims of rape.

Zhou is one of many Chinese doctors performing the procedure, which is also done in other countries. She said she restores as many as 20 hymens a month, and the number is increasing. For as little as 5,000 renminbi, or about $737, for a 20-to-30-minute procedure, Zhou is giving women a second chance at having a first time”

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