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You Have Got to Be Shitting Me! – Public Defecation in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 26, 2010

See the lady? See her holding the kid? Yeah they are both Chinese, and the two folks next to them too. Oh yeah, see under the little kid, see that brown sludge, its feces (zoom in on the photo if you cant see it-its runny like diarrhea). The old lady is holding him up so that he can shit on a public sidewalk in Beijing. This is kind of Chinese life. They are either too tight to buy diapers or just don’t care, so this is what they do. Their kids have crotchless pants and when they have to poop or pee, they just stop and do it wherever they wish, to them it doesn’t matter.

This also happens to be the same spot where the little girl peed the other day, so maybe its like dogs marking their territory. But, if you look, the family seems pretty comfortable with this undertaking. They are searching for whatever it is that Chinese search through their bags, and waiting for the kid to stop defecating on a public sidewalk, so they can just carry on about their business.

China has historically been an agrarian country with a somewhat low level of education for the masses, some may argue this, but lets focus on the past 200-300 years and I think history will bear this out. In any event, as of late, they have tons more cash, but in their hearts, its still Hooterville and heehaw combines. The effect in China is like that of Texas during the gold rush, just find a bunch of hillbillies and throw cash at them. They may have money, but in their hearts, they are still nothing but hicks.

This photo typifies the China of today.

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