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The World Goes Chinese, The Chinese Go Elsewhere

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 29, 2010

In the 80’s it was thought that the Japanese Juggernaut would swallow the world. There was even the song that said, “I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese..” and so on. The Japanese had it all, and the world was being consumed by them.
Flash forward and its now the Chinese. There are many differences between the two, ie. quality, lifestyle etc. but it does seem as if the Chinese and their goods are everywhere. The problem is that while the Japanese are proud of their country, they will not usually trade their citizenship for that of another country. They are proud of being Japanese and don’t see a benefit in changing, but definitely not so for the Chinese who are dying to leave their country and change their citizenship.
Lately some famous Chinese are opting to become citizens of other countries, and of course who can blame them? I mean China is a good plan ‘B’ but does anyone trust the place? Aside from maybe North Korea who would even want to become a Chinaman? Well, that is what has been happening. For instance the Chinese were saddened that Yao Ming would have his little offspring in the US making it by default an American (China does not recognize dual citizenship). The public couldn’t dog him as he is officially a ‘national treasure’ and they were ape shit about him having a kid, they were sue it was the second coming. Also Jet Li is now a Singaporean, as well as a few other famous people.
The whole thing has China a little upset, they feel they have cultivated the talent, only to have it leave. My take is that as I said, this place is a good backup, but as for having it my official citizenship- I’d rather eat my own excrement.

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