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Low Point in Humanity- Chinese are So Violent, They Are Not Allowed to Buy Knives in Guangzhou

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2010

This is a fact, see below
In what must be one if the lowest points in human history, China is banning the sale of knives or other “Cutting tools” in preparation for the Asian Games in November. What The F**K??

Yes its is true, you can read for yourself below. Apparently the Chinese have so little self control, or the government has so little confidence in the Chinese, that they are going to ban and/or regulate the sale of knives.

Why? Any normal person may ask… The answer must be that Chinese are freaking crazy and if sold knives, they become like blood sucking mummies whose lack of inner control force them to run willy nilly creating havoc and killing one another, I mean why else would the chicoms go so far as to ban the sale of relatively benign cutting utensils?

The answer is two part. Firstly, the chicoms know China and in reality, no they do not trust them. They feel that if the Chinese were to be given freedom or democracy, that anarchy would reign in China (Jackie Chan agrees). Actually, I can see their point, if the events of the cultural revolution are brought up to bolster the argument. The reason is that the cihicoms have seen the Chinese at their worst, and they are nervous, they know how insane and vicious they can act, but in reality, are they any different from any other nation? I mean haven’t all countries gone on a ten year killing spree, averaging one million homicides for a decade? Well maybe not, but then again that was only one small period in the ten year history of China(see cultural revolution). Thus, i think it is precipitous to assume that all Chinese are incapable of controlling their fury over what is happening in China, so that if given the opportunity to purchase a sharp bladed instrument, that they would not instantly turn it into an instrument of death and destruction, but that is just me.

Or maybe its this. The chicoms are humiliated by the recent killing of innocent children at the hands of a few demented Chinese 40somehthings and know that the way to embarrass them (the chicoms) is to cause some chaos during the games. Thus, as no guns are allowed, some nut can purchase knives, and achieve his goal vz hacking people. The chicoms must figure if they don’t let anyone purchase knives then they cannot vent their anger and cause chaos…
My questions are:
1- what about the knives people already have, cant these be used as weapons of chaos
2-what constitutes a knife or cutting instrument
3-Is this really necessary…

chinadaily excerpt:
“GUANGZHOU – Police in the capital of South China’s Guangdong province will clamp down on the sale of cutting tools as a security measure ahead of the Asian Games, which are scheduled to kick off on Nov 12. Starting Nov 1, people in Guangzhou will only be able to buy kitchen knives and other large-sized cutting tools at designated shops, according to a notice issued on Thursday. Anyone looking to buy a knife must carry proof of identification, which will be registered in police records on the spot, the notice said.

The crackdown will last two months, the notice said. Those who wish to buy “dangerous cutting tools”, such as knives, will have to inform the police of the purchase. All shops designated to sell any dangerous tools are equipped with surveillance cameras and infrared security systems, the notice said”

2 Responses to “Low Point in Humanity- Chinese are So Violent, They Are Not Allowed to Buy Knives in Guangzhou”

  1. nulle said

    gee, that doesn’t stop people from getting sharps from other regions…another moronic CCP initative for the sheeps…

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