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KTV in China- Getting Your Freak On….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 1, 2010

Prostitution is illegal in China.. that word ‘legal’ in China is amorphous at best. To what is called civilized or rule of law countries, laws are usually obeyed and if not then severe or moderate repercussions will follow, but this is China.

Asians have some bizarre sexual habits and their business practices can be somewhat irregular as well. If you combine those two elements, yoiu get what is called a KTV house in China. A KTV here is a marvelous mix of alcohol, debauchery, copping a feel, and those oh so prevalent “body parts sales people”- or ladies of the night congregate.
I am wrong you say? You tell me that a KTV is actually a place of merriment with friends where you eat salted peanuts and sing karaoke.. Yes that is one type of KTV, but then there are the others. In China there are actually two types, and one is merely for friends and colleagues, its a place to hang out, sing some karaoke, and maybe drink.
The other types are the big expansive versions that cater to businessmen from the world over. And if you ever come to China, and you should, or if your husband comes here, and he should, then he will be invited to a KTV of this type- I guarantee it. KTV’s for business men are like oxygen, they cant live without them.
So, I will now stop with my ADD babbling and clarify just what a KTV is.
First, its an opulent building chock full of little ktv rooms. The rooms are all equipped with good TV’s crappy sound systems, mics, two or three coaches and a karaoke machine. You are wheeled into the room and asked to sit, then fed peanuts and alcohol, then the fun begins. The madame of the place will wheel in about ten pretty women dressed like its prom night. You have the option of ‘choosing one to accompany you’, more on this later. So the women are paraded in front of you and you choose. If you don’t like them, then you tell the madame, and she will bring in more. the big KTV houses have literally hundreds of women from which to choose.
So you choose, and the woman is now your pet. Shirking her 21st century duty to feminity, this woman is now your personal bar girl and and slave. She is supposed to sing for you, to talk to you and basically make you feel like a real man. Re read the last two sentences. That is right, this woman will bascially submit to most of your needs for the entire time you are in the KTV house. She will sing, talk to you, allow you to cop a feel (no wild thing —yet) and basically boost your short term self esteem. I have been twice and found the whole experience quite bizarre. To me the idea is so base for both the men and the women that I cant get into it. Call me old school, but if you’re not man enough to go to a bar and at least get some rap the old fashioned way, then to me you are not a man anyway. What kind of woman submits herself to this and what kind of guy pays 50U$ to basically buy a friend for the next few hours… Oh shit but I digress!
So the women is kind of at your beck and call. If you want her to sing, she sings, dance she dances, etc. If she does not behave well, you call the madame and swap her, no questions asked.
The men stroll around lost in the glory days of when they had hair and their stomachs where a few inches smaller. For the moment they are like the star in Avatar, they have fully functioning legs – its their fantasy land. The guys are usually older and chubby, but polite, the women put up with this scene as they are making 50U$ for a few hours work. The guys drink, sing, and drink more, all in the name of guanxi or relationship building. No shit this is how its done in China. Both times I went to a KTV in China, I was with people from huge Japanese, European and Chinese companies. We were going to “cement relationships”.
So the night winds down, the women are ready to leave because according to them, they are “just college students” and have class tomorrow. At this time, all the men are drunk, they’ve made fools of themselves and they need to either snap one off or get a their freak on.
Here is where it gets interesting,
The girls are all “students” and definitely not professionals, so they will tell the men they have to leave to get up early. If the man has enough cash, usually at least 500 to 800 , up to 1500RMB (70 to 200U$), you may be able to entice this little innocent vixen to spend some quality time at your place. Everyone invited goes along with the charade, yeah we are all tired and yeah you are a student, and yeah your English is great, so how about it, will this C-note cover it? The guys then saunter off if they scored, the others struggle into cabs, and I watch and think that at this moment I can feel the fiber of the soul of humanity being ripped ever so lightly… Or maybe I’m just too damned serious…

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