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Chinese Business or Pick up…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 2, 2010

Right now I’m in some greasy spoon restaurant in Beijing. Its American style and the food is just as deadly. Pancakes, eggs, the whole nine yards. The place is excellent, by that I mean the food and environment is just like you wold find in Gary Indian, or Pittsburgh Pa, its got that ‘lvied in feel’. Nothing too fancy, no yuppies , well almost.
To my left are to Asians, just happy to be ‘like an American’ eating this food, choking it down really as its not quite as good as Chinese fare. But, to them its a place to be seen, to show that they are ‘international’. Behind me a couple of whites, its almost 8 but they still look hungover, all the other patrons look like the type who receive checks from the government at regular intervals, the type of guys who have a ‘disability’ or so they say.

Directly to my left is a an older white guy and a young frail Chinese. The old guy looks like a chicken hawk, not that i have anything against gays, but it is an integral part of this story. So this ‘chicken hawk’ looks like steve martin, hes thin, very white and has a jimmy durante shnoz.

So here we are, a hodge podge of travelers, drunks and locals, all enjoying the place, and the chicken hawk has the little guy on the edge of his seat. Theyre driking ‘wine’ from glasses that probably cost less than the bacon I’m eating, and toasting quite often. The scene has all the makings of a business deal in progress but something is wrong. The Chinese dont chintz on business, the grander the better, and they sure as hell dont drink cheap wine in a two bit greasy spoon but these two are. The white guy is telling the other about hong kong, sounds like he is inviting the other to visit. The young guy is biting his lip, giddy like a school girl. Just now the older guy’s who now is almost on the younger guys lap, is talking about a big deal, a very big deal indeed.
He lowers his voice, is talking about CEO’s and leveraged buyouts. I hear the white guy say that this company he represents is looking for Chinese investors, hes talking cash now. The guy says that if the Chinese buy, the CEO gets a 500million bonus. The Asian is almost having the big O, now..
The guys are close, the Asian is definitely interested, I dont know if he was gay before, but after the talk about all this cash, he definitely will be if the old guy is persistent.
To me this is pretty funny. It seems the old guy is running some con, just wants some play, whatever and the poor Chinese guy buys it hook line and sinker. The funny thing is that the game the old guy is running is how the Chinese play us, they see us as easy marks, fools who dont understand China, and we dont. So they bs us , they use us, and walk away with cash. It looks like the old guy is doing just that. As i glance over, the Asian has visions of millions in his eyes, and the old guy knows he’s got him.
I dont know what these two guys will do later, but I definitely sense deception here.China has to be one of the most bizarre places in the world. Where else can you see Chinese hustling whites, gay whites husting Chinese, all in some little greasy spoon over 2 dollar a bottle wine, throwing out obnoxious figures that no rational being would believe, but the guy falls for it. They are walking out.

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