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Determining a Baby’s Future in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 3, 2010

I have a Chinese friend who was in a quandry. It was her baby’s first birthday and as is the custom in China, they do something special. It is their belief that at one, they can predict what type of person the child will be with a simple test.
My friend, explained to me. She said that when a child is one, they surround the kid with gifts and toys and then dont say anything but watch as the child explores. Then, the first gift the child chooses is symbolic of what he will become. For instance, if he or she picks up a pen they will be a writer, etc.
So she explains this and is telling me what gifts she has acquired and asks for suggestions. She has an abacus to see if the kid will be an accountant, a telescope, a stethoscope, pen, laptop, spatula, books, yarn, shoes and the like. I ask her if this thing is real as in if they believe in it, she assured me they did. Then I asked if Chinese have both good and bad people and she assured me they do. Then I asked if the kid gets to keep the gift or just pick it up, she said pick it up. Then I said, well its the 21st century and China is opening up. If you really want to know the truth then give the kid some more options, after all, with people you just never know. She asked what I could suggest, I said some dice, a toy gun and some weed. In life you just never know.

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