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China To Fine Couples for Having Kids Out of Wedlock- Forcing Abortions in China?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 4, 2010

China in what can only be called a remarkable step backwards for humanity is fining people for having kids out of wedlock. Or at least that is what Chongqing China is doing. The chicoms dont state the reason, but it is pretty obvious. China has the one womb one child policy, which means each woman can only have one child. The man, however, can have as many as he wishes. The problem becomes that a woman who already has her one child quota becomes useless to a Chinese man as she can have no more kids and kids are what he wants most. Thus, a one-child woman is worth no more than dirt to them. In addition, by 2050 China will have over 100 million people aged 80 and above, and someone must care for them as the chicoms have no real social security net, and it is feared that illegitimate kids will be less productive and cannot give aid to the grandparents and parents.
The upshot is that in essence China is making the people decide whether to abort and kill the baby or pay the fine, it is China where money is king, which action do you thikn they will take…

“According to a new regulation announced by Chongqing’s Family Planning Commission, married people who give birth out of wedlock will face a possible fine up to 250,000 yuan ($36,725), Chongqing Economic Times reported today. Among different unlawful acts of giving birth in this southwestern municipality, married people having babies outside marriage will be the most serious offense.

The lowest level of the fine, called the social compensation fee, is six times the city’s disposable personal income of the previous year, while the highest is nine times that of the previous year.

For example, if a couple gave birth in 2009 outside marriage, each of them would be required to pay 86,160 yuan (the 2008 disposable personal income of the city was 14,360 yuan) if their disposable income was lower than the previous year, 129,240 yuan each if it was higher.An unmarried couple who has a baby would be charged 6,000 yuan ($882) in social compensation fees.

The fees for extra births of married couples would be two to six times the disposable personal income of the previous year.

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