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Water Shortage in Beijing- China’s Looming Disaster

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 4, 2010

China, now the worlds second largest economy and home to public urinators, men with monstrous breasts, kids who pee in cardboard boxes, cancerous milk and toxic air, what will happen next?
No water.
It is happening, although you may not hear much about it. Beijing and China are actually being plagued by droughts and water shortage which the chicoms call temporary problems caused by ‘pipes bursting’ leading to a lack of water throughout the city. The problem is that Beijing was not equipped to house as many as 20 million people, and in reality the city is bursting at the seams. A two mile drive can take 60 minutes in Beijing’s horrible traffic and the subways are swamped.
What does this have to do with the water shortage you may ask…
Well, it is all symbolic of China being on a crash course with either disaster, or something short of it. The country is simply growing too fast and does not have adequate safeguards in place to protect itself. Take the buildings for instance, my place here is only four years old but looks to be about 30. The walls are cracking, and it leaks, this is typical Chinese construction. The roads are also plagued with problems due to lack of upkeep and poor construction, even the trains and bridges have been collapsing. Think of it like this.
China is having all of these problems with buildings and an infratructure that is only about 10 years old, can you imagine what this place will be like in another 30 when the buildings are really aged and their poor quality really shows?
But back to the point. I am in my third day without hot water, and have passed a few without any water. That is right, no water with which to bathe, nor brush my teeth. Up the street from me this happened for an entire week about three months ago. And the problem is not localized to Beijing, my friends in Chongqing moved in to a new place and spent a few days without any water as well and the problem is getting worse. Just remember Beijing and Shanghai are the pride of China and have the best of everything , so what we lack, the rural residents lack tenfold. The problem, as I was saying, is that the place cannot support the people and the infrastructure is weak.
Before they had the same amount of people, but many didnt have flush toilets and running water, but now most do. The land is being abused and just does not have the resources to give back to the people, thus we have droughts and entire cities that go without water.
I am amazed at how many people who have never lived in China, nor visited here, talk about the miracle that is occurring here, but never talk about the impending disaster. If China cannot even provide enough food, water and protection for her people when the economy is half of the size of that of the USA , then how is she going to do it as she gets even closer?
To me the place is a disaster waiting to happen.

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