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Dating a Foreign Devil in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

Chinese are pretty clannish or tribal and are somewhat still afraid of those wicked outsiders or foreign devils. I guess after closing oneself off from the world for so many thousands of years, this phenomenon becomes like second nature to many Chinese.
To show how this impacts us today, I will tell you about my friend, call him James. James has a Chinese girlfriend, and probably loves her quite a bit. the problem is that James’s girlfriend is a Chinese and in her work she must interface with many Chinese men, communist men. Therein lies the problem. As the woman is Chinese, there are expectations set upon her. And now, this is not a question of the chicoms being nervous about her being disloyal to the party, she works in a hospital, but pure and simple nationalist zeal and xenophobia on the part of the Chinese.
The woman said that she has to be careful around her colleagues or comrades as they are called. If they see these two people together , she will be criticized and probably called a whore. She said that any Chinese woman must be careful when dating a foreigner, and if her boss became suspicious that she were doing so, she would be fired.
I feel sorry for the guy as I think he loves her. But I also say that any country with this mentality deserves what it gets and thus is reaping what it has sown vz being backwards in so many ways. Also, I hope the woman can change jobs or just quit. If none of these things can happen, then I say just find another one, there are , after all, 650 000 000 more just like her.

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Smoggy Sunset in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

From a few days ago.

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Chinese Haircut- WTF

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

I live in China, or I guess you have figured that out, and here is some more information so that you can ‘feel me’ or have a context in which to wrap around the contents of  this blog. Ok, I won’t give my real name, the chicoms sniff around my blog too much so I guess I dont want to make it to easy for them to find me…but I digress.
So I am lying in bed considering my latest hair cut. I am , like I said, living in China, but am an American . A white American male at that, and being a white American male, I have typical white American hair. It’s pretty wavy or curly and when its humid and balloons up and makes me look like Foster Brooks or a bum, a whino. Naturally  I dont really like my hair looking like a coconut, so I cut it when it gets too long.

Being relatively normal, remember , I said normal male…
I cut my hair when it gets to long and curly and makes me look like an NBA hoopster from the 70’s, this week it was time and so I decided to cut the ol locks.
I went to a new barber, I will explain why in another blog post, but went to one nearby so it was convenient. After telling the snake oil salesman/barber what style I wanted, he told me that I needed a special hair treatment, being adventurous, I accepted and the man proceeded to shellack my hair with some globular gelatiny substance. After hours of inhaling noxious fumes from some stuff that was probably extracted from the bowels of a diesel engine the man announced that he was done. He proudly showed me my appearance in the mirror, told me I looked smashing and wished me well. I forked over about 20U$ mumbled and took off.
I am now looking in the mirror and pondering my decisions for the day and how I look. To describe my hair is impossible, I definitely do not look like foster brooks now, my hair is pretty much flat and quite subdued.  But But I look like something, I just cannot put my finger on just what it is….  I cannot quite pin down just what it is that I now look like.
Ahh wait a moment, I got it, yes, I definitely know what it is that I know appear to be.
I now look like a middle-aged lesbian… I am a white man in China.

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Great Video , USA China Basketball 1973

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

Here is the link. I think its on youtube, but I live in China so of course I cannot see that one. But anyway, this is a good video. What I mean by that is you can see what China looked like in 1973. Watch the beginning and see how empty Beijing and Tianenman were at that time. As for the game, I really dont give a shit, but I like the vid.

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Canary in a Coal Mine- Welcome to China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

I started this blog to tell you guys about my rabbit (why I have a rabbit is a long story), and how she is like one of those canaries in a coal mine. The reason is that she basically eats all I do, pizza, lasagna, etc. And other than the same food that I consume, she consumes dairy products and veggies. But lately she has been sick, really sick. And I’m an animal lover so it makes me sad. She was given to me, so I had to keep her, but she is pretty cool, kind of like a cat. Its pretty emasculating, however to admit I have a rabbit, so lets keep it a secret. But anyway, she’s been pretty sick. Its been hot so I dont know if thats the cause, but then I thought. She is kind of like a canary in a coal mine vz, she is smaller than I and thus if we ingest the same things, she will presumably get sick before I, thus a canary in a coal mine. So I felt badly for her, dont like to see her sick, and then I wonder what is doing it, and could the same thing be affecting me.
And then it hit me. I and all my friends in China are basically canaries in a coal mine for the world. This place has so much noxious and toxic food and waste that it is an experiment of grand proportions. Scientists could come to this place and dissect dead chinamen to see how in the hell they handle the pollution and other crap they put in their products here.
I guess by me staying here, just for these short years, I am kind of doing my part to help mankind. When I return home one day, I will go to a doc and see just how bad this place has fked up my system, and then in the greater scheme of things, maybe mankind will benefit.
Or maybe I will just rot from the inside out, and become bitter, living a rambling life and constantly complaining.

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Chinese Beauties- Do They Exist?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

Many have asked me about this question and the answer is a resounding…..depends..
What I mean to say is of course they have some women who may be considered beautiful, but if you are looking for hotties, then stay away from China. The reason is this:
China is huge and has 4.5 times as many people as the US, it has about 45 times as many as Australia, 30 times more than Colombia, 9 times more than Brazil, and I have been to all those countries, (except Aus) and have yet to see as many beauties in China over the course of three years that you see in one of those countries in one day.
What this means is that even for sheer numbers, China in terms of beauty, is horrible. Even with such a large population, they do not have what most westerners would consider to be beautiful women. For instance, a quick stroll through Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil or Mexico, will reveal some really beautiful women with great features, but here a quick stroll reveals heavy-lidded people with features that are less than remarkable, big heads and round faces- in short, they are less than mediocre..
All is not lost however, as they are very nice and actually have some great legs, and in general are pretty cool. But if beautify is what you are after, go elsewhere.

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Chinese Eating Breakfast- China Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

Typical Chinese street, typical smoggy day, and typical Chinese sitting down to eat breakfast at a typical Chinese restaurant. This is life in China…

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Living and Working in China- Typical Scene

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

I was just walking home from the gym and saw a common occurrence. I saw a middle aged woman walking with her friends. aside from their cheap polyester clothing and greasy hair, they seemed to be like just about anyone else in a middle class neighborhood in the world. My neighborhood is a place for up-scale Chinese and a few foreigners and seems to be an example of China’s new prosperity.
All of the sudden I heard it, a loud


I stared to see what no account was hacking up such a disgusting wad of phlegm and shamelessly horking it on the side walk.


It was the one with the greasy hair. Yeah, some middle class lady in China hacking up numerous disgusting loogies and spitting them on the sidewalk. Now let me put this into perspective for you. Imagine your neighborhood, or one like it. Now imagine your mom or another woman of a similar age or slightly younger. Now imagine that woman noisily hacking up phlegm and spitting on the sidewalk…. yeah, pretty ace isnt it?

This is China. The place was nothing but a poor farm country even up to ten to fifteen years ago, the people didn’t even have running water. Now , they get a piece of land, sell it and move in with the middle class but their roots betray them.

Living in China is like living with the Beverly Hillbillies

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