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Chinese Beauties- Do They Exist?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

Many have asked me about this question and the answer is a resounding…..depends..
What I mean to say is of course they have some women who may be considered beautiful, but if you are looking for hotties, then stay away from China. The reason is this:
China is huge and has 4.5 times as many people as the US, it has about 45 times as many as Australia, 30 times more than Colombia, 9 times more than Brazil, and I have been to all those countries, (except Aus) and have yet to see as many beauties in China over the course of three years that you see in one of those countries in one day.
What this means is that even for sheer numbers, China in terms of beauty, is horrible. Even with such a large population, they do not have what most westerners would consider to be beautiful women. For instance, a quick stroll through Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil or Mexico, will reveal some really beautiful women with great features, but here a quick stroll reveals heavy-lidded people with features that are less than remarkable, big heads and round faces- in short, they are less than mediocre..
All is not lost however, as they are very nice and actually have some great legs, and in general are pretty cool. But if beautify is what you are after, go elsewhere.

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