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Chinese Haircut- WTF

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 5, 2010

I live in China, or I guess you have figured that out, and here is some more information so that you can ‘feel me’ or have a context in which to wrap around the contents of  this blog. Ok, I won’t give my real name, the chicoms sniff around my blog too much so I guess I dont want to make it to easy for them to find me…but I digress.
So I am lying in bed considering my latest hair cut. I am , like I said, living in China, but am an American . A white American male at that, and being a white American male, I have typical white American hair. It’s pretty wavy or curly and when its humid and balloons up and makes me look like Foster Brooks or a bum, a whino. Naturally  I dont really like my hair looking like a coconut, so I cut it when it gets too long.

Being relatively normal, remember , I said normal male…
I cut my hair when it gets to long and curly and makes me look like an NBA hoopster from the 70’s, this week it was time and so I decided to cut the ol locks.
I went to a new barber, I will explain why in another blog post, but went to one nearby so it was convenient. After telling the snake oil salesman/barber what style I wanted, he told me that I needed a special hair treatment, being adventurous, I accepted and the man proceeded to shellack my hair with some globular gelatiny substance. After hours of inhaling noxious fumes from some stuff that was probably extracted from the bowels of a diesel engine the man announced that he was done. He proudly showed me my appearance in the mirror, told me I looked smashing and wished me well. I forked over about 20U$ mumbled and took off.
I am now looking in the mirror and pondering my decisions for the day and how I look. To describe my hair is impossible, I definitely do not look like foster brooks now, my hair is pretty much flat and quite subdued.  But But I look like something, I just cannot put my finger on just what it is….  I cannot quite pin down just what it is that I now look like.
Ahh wait a moment, I got it, yes, I definitely know what it is that I know appear to be.
I now look like a middle-aged lesbian… I am a white man in China.

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