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Chinese Diapers or Open Crotch Pants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 7, 2010

This little kid has open crotch pants, instead of a diaper. This is how the Chinese do it. They just rip the bottom out of the pants and let the kids poop and pee on the streets. This is such a common site in China.

3 Responses to “Chinese Diapers or Open Crotch Pants”

  1. Bernadette said

    Wow, it’s a shame that you’re too ignorant to see the benefit in open crotch pants for babies and toddlers. I suppose you must love sitting in your own urine and feces all day. Oh, you don’t? Then why would a baby like sitting in cold, wet plastic? Do you realize that educated Americans are moving toward eliminating diapers from their babies’ lives? Yes, it’s not sanitary to pop a squat in the middle of the street, but if things were taken care of in an appropriate place, open crotch pants are FAR better than filling a landfill with diapers made with toxic chemicals.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Wow thanks Bernie!!
      I never realized that the only options to baby feces are:
      1- A baby sitting in its own scat all day
      2- Shitting on the streets

      But now I am enlightened. I can see the wisdom in your words and concur. After all, it is impossible to change a baby’s diapers after he has messed himself isn’t it? And according to your ‘logic’, the only acceptable response to this dilemma is to allow babies to shit all over the sidewalk, in the streets, in the check out of Wal-mart, in the sink of Mickey D’s and in every cemented space of land in Beijing.

      What you fail to realize, Bernie, is that things will not ‘get taken care of in the appropriate place’- as you put it. No Bernie, this is China, the land of impulsive behavior. If a baby or an adult needs to shit, then they will do it when and where they please. As mentioned, this includes: subways, check out line at Wal-mart, sink at Mickey D’s or any other surface.

      Bernie when you get off your soapbox you may realize that the issue is not ‘open crotch pants’ per se, but the ignorance that surrounds their use.

      btw Bernie, there is a material called ‘cotton’ and this material was used for diapers a long time ago. This wonderful material called ‘cotton’ can still be found and used as well. ‘Cotton’ is a natural substitute for those harmful chemicals found in diapers.

    • vanoc1 said

      Fuck yourself Bernadette fuck yourself.

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