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Hunan China Holds Constest to See Who Has the Hottest Breasts in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 9, 2010

Here are photos from a place in China called Hunan Province. The province held a contest that purported to find out which Chinese woman has the best rack…
The province has around 100 million people but only 84 women showed up for the contest. To me this is odd as the grand prize was about 15000 U$ and this is China, a place that will poison milk just to make a few cents on a bottle. Anyway, the contest was called the Miss Chest or Chest Model contest. Here are the contestants.






10 finalists wearing bikinis in the rain


A male viewer came on stage with roses




2 Responses to “Hunan China Holds Constest to See Who Has the Hottest Breasts in China”

  1. fuck_dirty_hainan_china said

    this was officially a tit show but china being china…. it was something else: a pussy fair with chinese female zombies, the whore event took place only for chinese biz-scumbags to choose a vagina to fuck and to buy a concubine. you should have seen the party after that “event”. *vomit*. hotels were fully booked on that day….lots of monkey sperm flew into their aids-pussies.

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