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Chinese Village Officials Use Public Funds to Pay for “Thailand Transvestite Touching Trip”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 11, 2010

Shenglong Village officials of Gangkou town, Zhongshan city are accused of using public funds to take a trip to Thailand to touch the beautiful boy girls or ‘lady boys’. These are dudes who have the whole female package minus the goodie box…
Anyway, the story is this. In china, they need to control the people. so, the Chicoms allow for each village to have officials, much like the mayor of a small town back home. The only difference is that these guys are uneducated and wear knockoff pro keds and have fewer teeth. Other than that they are equal to their western counterparts, oh yeah, with the exception that they dont have to kiss the ring of the chiccoms and kick up money that they gain illegally, oh but I digress.
So these villagers were supposedly rewarded for doing something and they took it upon themselves – allegedly- to use public money to fund this boondoggle that allowed them to grope Thai boys with titties (see photos).
When the Chinese heard about it they got pissed. China has a long history of homosexuality and emperors using little boys for fun, so I dont think that that was the issue, but misuse of funds. The funny thing was that when asked about the boondoggle, the idiotic officials (redundant in China) said things like
-I was in Thailand it is their culture
-Everyone does it
-I didnt pay to touch him
-its not bad, I never got hard when I touched him
-my hand slpped and I groped him, his hog is bigger than mine so what is the problem?
-hey we stole enough land (they had a land acquistion quota to meet), so we deserve it

This is a photo of a Thai lady boy, really it is a man with a fake chest.


(Southern Metropolis Daily) On September 2,


Damn the Chinese men sure like to grope young boys dont they?

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