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Shanghai China 55 Patients Allegedly Go Blind from Cancer Treatment in Hospital- Another Case of Product Quality Problems?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 11, 2010

No wonder all of the Chinese want out of this place. In one Shanghai hospital over 80 people have become ill from a cancer drug and over 55 have allegedly gone blind from taking the drug!
WTF are the Chinese doing? This place is insane. I have heard reports that up to 80% of the medication here is fake and even when I wen to the hospital they asked if I wanted the “real medicine”. Jackie Chen said they need to be controlled and that Chinese cannot handle freedom….

excerpt chinadaily
“SHANGHAI – The Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau denied media reports on Friday that 55 patients had gone blind after being given injections at a local hospital..
According to the local reports, 55 patients out of the 80 subsequently went blind.

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