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3 Chinese Set Themselves on Fire to Protest Having Their Homes Taken Away

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 12, 2010

China is a trip and like a soap opera. 60 years ago , or a little less, the chicoms took all the land from the rich and said it now belonged to the ‘people’ or state. Funny thing is that now, that same government is selling that land once more and becoming rich. Yeah, all of those Chinese millionaires and billionaires are nothing more than a part of the chicom cadre who, because they are chicoms are able to buy land that was basically stolen a half a century ago, at reduced prices.
The process is this: the chicoms offer to sell the land that belongs to ‘Chinese Peasants'(this is the official term for Chinese villagers), but first need the majority of the peasants to agree. If the ‘peasants’ do not agree, then the chicoms supposedly cannot take the land and sell it to developers. But, this being China and cash being king, the chicoms do not always obey this and thus sometimes they allow the ‘forcible eviction’ of those peasants who own the land. The protest involves one such dispute apparently.

“BEIJING – Three people remain in serious condition at a hospital in East China’s Jiangxi province after allegedly setting themselves on fire to protest being forcibly evicted from their house last Friday.

Luo Zhifeng, 59, her daughter Zhong Ruqin, 31, and family friend Ye Zhongcheng, 79, set themselves alight on Friday morning after quarreling with a relocation team of 40, including local officials and police of Fenggang town, Yihuang county, Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported on Sunday.”

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