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A Rant I Found Online About the Chinese Military

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 12, 2010

A little on the Chinese military, I got this from a post online. The post was about China and how strong their military supposedly is.

” China has no aircraft carriers which are a key to war. Experience is also a key to war and China has little if any. They spent the 50’s starving from the great leap forward (20 million died), the 60’s to mid 70’s being killed in the cultural revolution (4-7 million died), and have not been engaged in a real war for a long time (they even lost more men in the Korean conflict than the US did). In fact, the only reason that the chicoms (communists ) are in power in China is because their rag tag red army only took power because the competition was weary from kicking out the Japanese.

You guys all talk about the Chinese military power, from where do you obtain your information? It is easy to parade in front of Tian.en.man in tanks, but getting out and getting the job done are another thing entirely. When has China been successful in invading or attacking other countries? Was it about 400 to 500 years ago? The Chinese stay busy killing each other (this differs from the Japanese who actually are very successful at waging war and practically owned all of eastern China before the end of WW2.)
Lastly, a final thought. If these guys cannot even produce milk, shampoo, dry wall, cars, houses etc. that are worth a crap, then just how good do you think their military hardware is? ( I am an American who lives here and am no expert in the military, but have a little bit of common sense). Come live here for a while and all of your fears will diminish greatly.

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