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Chinese 4 to 1

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 12, 2010

China has the one child policy which is pretty shitty. It is unfair to the kids who are smother mothered and is actually causing mental problems among those who are raised as such. Another odd phenomenon is to watch the Chinese and this one little emperor in their natural habitat as it were.
Imagine the scene, you are basking in the beautiful Beijing smog taking a nice little walk and what do you see? If you were in the west maybe you would see a mother a father, a dog and 2.3 children, which is about the norm.
In China this is not true. In China, what you typically see is one spoiled little maladjusted one child policy brat, surrounded by two septuagenarians who learned how to be parents during China’s revolutionary war which lead to communism, enough on that and ponder what skill sets they bring to the table. In addition to this, you have two rail thin neurotic parents who realize that this little bundle of DNA is their only shot at retirement, as China’s social security makes that of the USA look like a treasure trove. So it is incumbent upon the kid to provide for these people when he gets older. But, this kid must not only give cash to his parents, but also his grandparents, thus the 4 to 1 moniker in China.
So, the kid gets spoiled by the old hens and crows, as the mothers and fathers nervously look on, all in the hopes that this little urchin will not grow up to be a bum, but will be able to add, subtract and speak English well enough to get a job, any job, so that the four elders who have been taking care of him do not have to dine on cat food when they get older. All of that pressure on the kids almost makes you feel sorry for them, but then again I have been here a while and since the 80’s the quality of kids that China is putting out deserves all they get…. oooooooh but I am just kidding no one deserves that kind of pressure, unless it is those people born after the 90’s in China.

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