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Huawei China’s Dream Come True- Helping to Hack America Into Submission?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 12, 2010

Huawei is a Chinese company that sells routers and such, it is in competition with Cisco and Juniper. Itt was started by a former Chinese Red Army Soldier. That is enough to tell you what kind of company it is, and if that is not then think about it. China is so nationalistic and neurotic that they fell the world is out to conquer them, in order to fight this off, they have been spending more on their military and networking systems.
Enter Huawei , a Chinese leader in networking systems. The Indians would not do deals with them as the Chinese and the leader of Huawei are too secretive. After all , the company is privately held and thus must not disclose all of its sales, (supposedly it sells to Iraq and Afghanistan) but you can be sure that if the guy who started it is a red and a communist, then the chicoms must surely be in good with him. And if this is true, and Huawei sells products upon which information is passed, then it is no stretch to imagine that information being passed up to big brother on an as needed basis.
The scary thing is that Huawei is bidding for business in America and going all out. Why wouldnt they, they perceive us to be their second biggest threat, adn them providing the information backbone to the US would be very beneficial to the reds…
Here is an excerpt from a report on what China is doing with cyber espionage. ( I hope that if you can you will research Huawei and make sure you let your congress people know how you feel about them selling us their products….

excerpt from Northrup Grumman
:The Chinese military, using increasingly networked
forces capable of communicating across service arms and among all echelons of
command, is pushing beyond its traditional missions focused on Taiwan and toward a
more regional defense posture. This modernization effort, known as
informationization, is guided by the doctrine of fighting “Local War Under
Informationized Conditions,” which refers to the PLA’s ongoing effort to develop a
fully networked architecture capable of coordinating military operations on land, in air,
at sea, in space and across the electromagnetic spectrum.
This doctrinal focus is providing the impetus for the development of an advanced IW
capability, the stated goal of which is to establish control of an adversary’s
information flow and maintain dominance in the battlespace. Increasingly, Chinese
military strategists have come to view information dominance as the precursor for
overall success in a conflict. The growing importance of IW to China’s People’s
Liberation Army (PLA) is also driving it to develop more comprehensive computer
network exploitation (CNE) techniques to support strategic intelligence collection
objectives and to lay the foundation for success in potential future conflicts.”
excerpted from- -Capability of the People’s Republic of China to
Conduct Cyber Warfare and Computer Network

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