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China Fakes Everything, Government Aviation Agency Admits to Having Fake Pilots- Be Careful When Flying in China-

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 13, 2010

In a somewhat confusing admission of quasi guilt, the Chinese aviation commission of China admitted that almost 200 Chinese pilots had ‘falsified their records’. The word on the streets in China is that many of these people had falsified flying hours, but even more were not even legally qualified to fly a plane!
This is China, however and money talks, so these guys have been up there cruising the wild blue yonder of China for who knows how long.
My take,,,
1- good thing they caught them
2- how many more are there?
I am planning on walking from here on out….

chinadaily excerpt:
“BEIJING – The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said on Wednesday that 192 commercial pilots were found in 2008 to have falsified their flying records.

The investigation into the qualification of pilots was conducted after the CAAC found pilots of one airline, which it did not disclose, had falsified resumes.

Measures taken afterwards included revoking licenses and offering compulsory training classes to pilots who were found to have falsified their resumes. ..”The qualification of pilots is always the focus of our work,” it said.

The statement was made after safety concerns over civil aviation were sparked nationwide, as the Shanghai-based China Business News cited an administration source saying that some 200 commercial pilots have falsified flying histories…Shenzhen Airlines denied knowing about it, and the CAAC statement did not confirm the report either…Shenzhen Airlines is the parent company of Henan Airlines, which owned a plane that crashed in Yichun in Heilongjiang province on Aug 24. A total of 42 people were killed and 54 injured. The investigation into the 200 pilots with fake credentials was released at a teleconference held by the CAAC to warn the industry to take lessons from the crash.

Industry insiders said that the rapid expansion of China’s civil aviation requires more commercial pilots, and airline companies turned a blind eye on the fake records since they are happy to see more pilots certified by the administrative agency.”

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