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The Great Wall of China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

People lining up at the subway, the new great Wall.

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Tons of Chinese-Photo from the Beijing Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

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Chinaman Sleeping at the Subway Stop

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

This is by the Haidian District in Beijing

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Creepy Chinese Guy Ties His Wife’s Corpse to His Back Drives Around on His Motorcycle

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

File this under creepy. This story is about a Chinese guy who became famous during the earthquake of 2008. His wife died so he did the logical thing, I guess, he tied her to his bike and drove with her, presumably to wherever it is that Chinese take their deceased loved ones. The guy became an overnight hero for this act, I guess the act of tying a dead body to oneself has a different connotation to the average Chinaman than it may have to those of us in the west. The Chinese said he was a good and virtuous man. But now, those ever so pesky Chinese have turned on the guy and their are reports that he is not a good man, but a schill a conniver and all around bad person. To me I think its great to honor the dead, but cannot imagine tying anything dead to my body, maybe I would just wait for the authorities. The way I heard it, he kind of paraded around with the body, you know like he was an attention whore or something…


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Brief History of China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

When you come to China Ok sit down pull up a tall one, or whatever it is you do to relax, this is my condensed version of China’s history. Please dont hold me 100% to these facts as I am a relative neo-phyte.

-4000 5000 years ago China was a pack of agrarian tribes. They roamed about this big hunk of land and supposedly invented stuff, but much of it was actually stolen from the animal kindgom (see paper-termites, umbrellas- monkeys, chopsticks- chimps).

2200 years ago, some guy named Qin corralled all of those Chinese coolies and told them not to fuk with him, cuz this is his house and he made China. He was a bastard but I guess that is what emperors are. He killed millions, made them obey him and actually had laws etc.

1800-Han Dynasty- this is when the Han (which is a the largest race in China comprising over 90% of the people took over). they didn’t do much but built a big fence they call the great wall, actually they just started it, it took 1500 years to complete.

up to 400 years ago- They had a ton of emperors who really similar, they ran around, killed people, punished them, kept them underfoot, and closed themselves off to the rest of the world as they felt superior. To be an emperor you had to be short and fat and wear goofy hairstyles.

up to 1911- Qing dynasty, an embarrassment to Chinese because this emperor was not real Chinese or Han. These guys seemed pretty cool they had those bad assed mustaches and funky rat tail hair dos, their clothes seemed pretty stylish. Oh yeah, they killed people and made them obey as well.

1948- collapse of dynasties followed by utter fuking chaos (proving that Jackie China is correct and they need to be controlled?)… Japan invaded and ate their lunch

1949-55 Communism, Mao et. al. took over, killed a bunch of people said that they needed no laws and ruled

1959- a bunch of stupid mistakes lead to great leap forward and famine whereby cannibalism was practiced to save oneself from starvation (actually a sad but true fact)

1960’s -70’s- the rest of the world was smoking weed and making love, Chinese were killing each other to prove who loved Mao more, basically a period of anarchy

1980’s- China ‘opens up’ – not really, basically the place was still fked

1990’s -China receives shit loads of cash from the west and diverts into the pockets of the chicoms, oh yeah, there were some abuses on humanity and such, and people died, and also they built some new buildings

2000- Olympics and flush toilets come to China. The world gives them more cash (via product sales), which goes into the pockets of the chicoms and they build more buildings, loan the USA cash and poison the hell out of their environment….

whew, well as you can tell I didnt receive a PhD in Chinese history, but I think I’ve nailed the highlights of the wonderful history of China.

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China’s Crash Course with Catastrophe

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

Living in China is like watching a train wreck. Its like watching two big clumsy sloughing trains approach each other at very high speeds but nothing can be done, so you sit and await the catastrophe.
For instance in China the water shortage is so sever that 33 feet cracks in the farm land in the northeast have appeared. Drought plagued the southwest leaving millions without water. In Beijing the water table has dropped from 11 to 24 meters within the past couple of decades. In the northeast Chinese farming city of Chifeng, 62% of the cities 51 water reservoirs are bone dry.
The reason, like almost all problems in China is the greed and the increasing consumerism, which is also leading to the excess pollution. The chicoms are becoming rich and no one wants to be left out so they throw up manufacturing plants and spew toxic waste into the air and water all just to make a buck, the race is on to get rich.
Then returning to the water problesm, China’s usage of wter and dams is cutting off water to Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, India, Thailand and Vietnam. But they are China, the center country and worried about angering their citizenry so the Chinese pay them no heed.
The world Bank warns of the coming disaster if nothing is done about these problems, but its China. The race is on. In a country that has for thousands of years been abused by the emperors, they are as Jackie Chan stated, ‘not ready for democracy’. They live in a make believe world of controlled anarchy where its each man for himself and dam the rest. Call me a nay sayer, but this place seems like its bursting at the seams.
But dont worry, all of those Chinese at your universities come, no doubt, from very good chicom families who are diverting their wealth to the west waiting for the apocalypse to come so that they can move and leave this waste heap they are creating.

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Call out the Vigilantes, Beat ’em Torture ’em Shame ’em- It’s Called Chinese Justice

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

Here are some photos from Chinese justice, or a form thereof. This guy is a thief and allegedly was beaten and then paraded around the city to shame him. China has a history of doing this and actually to me, the more things change, the more tightly the Chinese hang on to their beliefs….

A thief caught, stripped naked, and publicly shamed.

Apparently the word “Thief” was written on his face in Chinese before he was paraded around the streets. Actually, I think the USA may need to use this kind of thing on some of our little derelicts….
In China, a thief is stripped, beaten, and publicly shamed after being caught stealing from others.

Sigh, feel sorry for the person who’s under such a miserable condition…

photos from chinasmack

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Beijing Pollution Photos, a Daily Glimpse at Pollution in China-July 16-21, 2010

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 14, 2010

Here is my attempt to chronicle the pollution in the Beijing sky. I try to take the photo at approximately the same time each day. The photos are taken from my Nokia E-71 around 9am and none of the photos are doctored nor photoshopped. You can search the blog and look back at different days to see how the smog has ravaged (or not ) the Beijing skyline. The photos are taken in a westerly direction. The photo with the blue skies is just for reference, consider it a baseline. These photos are from July 16-21

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