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Chinese Boy Run Over in the Streets by a BMW, the Driver Walks off, No one Helps the Child- Warning Graphic Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2010

Update, sorry but I dont know if the pictures came through. I did a photo capture from the video, but dont know if you can see them. I will first attach some photos from chinasmack, and then the ones that I have pulled from the video….

This is pretty sad, and I almost didn’t post it, but it is a strong statement on humanity or morality or both…

This is a very sad statement on Chinese morality or maybe on mankind. The photos below shows a young child of 3 being run over 4 times by a seemingly affluent man from Shanghai. The man backed up over the child and then sensing he’d hit something went forward again, running over him twice. The driver then got out to inspect what had happened and left the car in neutral, and both the front and rear wheels then ran over the small child again, killing him. The man after checking the innate body left the scene and told no one, but tried to escape. The truly sad thing is that humans can do this, but also look as no one offered assistance to the small child nor tried to apprehend, the man. The driver was later apprehended. Lets just hope the judiciary system works and the man is brought to justice. Typically for such a deed one will have to pay about 200,000RMB or about one-half the price of the BMW his is driving and may not even see the inside of a jail cell. (The full video is here, but is truly sad).

Pray for the soul of the child and his family.

Here is the child behind the car(from chinasmack)

The child behind the carBMW driver runs over little boy 4 times, killing him.

BMW hits boy while backing up.

After Wu X reversed, he then drives the car forward, and the boy is run over a second time.

Wu X leaves.

In the photo above the driver of the car is escaping.

Now are the photos I have attempted to attach. I don’t know if you can see these or not, but here is  the sequence.

Poor child standing behind the car


The car hits the boy


The boy is run over, but allegedly still alive at this point.


The driver gets out to check on what has happened and sees the boy,

the car is in neutral and rolls backwards over the child


The front wheels are now going to run over the child and the man tries to

hold back the car


The child lies lifeless, the man goes to inspect him


The man stands over the innate body, as of yet no one has offered to



The man quickly walks away, offers no assistance nor does

he call the police. People walk by and do nothing.


They look back at the body lying in the street.


But take no action


They walk away leaving the body on the street


Finally the boy’s father arrives and hugs the body


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Chinese Making/Faking Products in Italy- Who is Next?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2010

Here is a great article from the NY Times that a reader has recommended. It is about how China has moved into Italy, in the fashion industry and is basically doing to Italy what they have been doing to China for the past hundred years-ruining it, or at least diminishing the quality of the goods and life.
In summary, the initial part of the essay states that the Chinese are coming to Italy and doing business just as they do back home, by exploiting the law, cheap labor and cheating. The Chinese are bringing goods from China and slapping ‘made in Italy’ labels on them to sell and command a higher price. But in so doing, are turning Italian made products into the same shit that you buy in China. In addition, they are bringing over slave labor, prostitution and illegals and the Italians are rightfully pissed. The Chinese, of course, filled with nationalistic arrogance fail to understand the rancor over their immoral presence, and state that they are a positive influence on the country and economy.
Another interesting note is the idea of Beijing allowing/promoting this type of activity to take advantage of other countries vz sending its ‘brainwashed citizenry’ who repatriate cash etc back to the ‘motherland’…

Hmmm after living here, I would hardly say that their presence in terms of business is positive. Chinese do business as they live life, they think of only themselves and not of the impact of their actions on the greater whole. I guess in the coming decades the export of Chinese around the world will mean more of this, cheaper goods, less focus on human rights, shitty product quality and less ethics and/or morals. The crazy thing is that the Chinese have been victims of many acts of anti-Chinese zeal in many countries, but one has to wonder how much of it they bring upon themselves with this attitude of not assimilating into the host country and failing to consider local laws and customs. China is a cool place, except for Chinese businesses and a few other things, but their general lack of morals seems to disturb the civilized world….

” PRATO, Italy — Over the years, Italy learned the difficult lesson that it could no longer compete with China on price. And so, its business class dreamed, Italy would sell quality, not quantity… becoming a powerhouse for “Made in Italy” chic.

And then, China came here.Chinese laborers, first a few immigrants, then tens of thousands, began settling in Prato in the late 1980s. They transformed the textile hub into a low-end garment manufacturing capital…The city is now home to the largest concentration of Chinese in Europe — some legal, many more not. Here in the heart of Tuscany, Chinese laborers work round the clock in some 3,200 businesses making low-end clothes, shoes and accessories,….It is a “Made in Italy” problem: Enabled by Italy’s weak institutions and high tolerance for rule-bending, the Chinese have blurred the line between “Made in China” and “Made in Italy,” undermining Italy’s cachet and ability to market its goods exclusively as high end….

But what seems to gall some Italians most is that the Chinese are… tax evasion and brilliant ways of navigating Italy’s notoriously complex bureaucracy — and have created a thriving, if largely underground, new sector while many Prato businesses have gone under. The result is a toxic combination of residual fears about immigration and the economy. The situation has steadily grown beyond the control of state tax and immigration authorities. According to the Bank of Italy, Chinese individuals in Prato channel an estimated $1.5 million a day to China, Profits of that magnitude are not showing up in tax records, and some local officials say the Chinese prefer to repatriate their profits rather than invest locally.

The authorities also say that Chinese and probably Italian organized crime is on the rise, involving not only illegal fabric imports, but also human trafficking, prostitution, gambling and money laundering….Tensions have been running high since the Italian authorities stepped up raids this spring on workshops that use illegal labor, and grew even more when Italian prosecutors arrested 24 people and investigated 100 businesses in the Prato area in late June. The charges included money laundering, prostitution, counterfeiting and classifying foreign-made products as “Made in Italy.”

Yet many Chinese in Prato are offended at the idea that they have ruined the city. Instead, some argue, they have helped rescue Prato from total economic irrelevance, another way of saying that if the Italian state fails to innovate and modernize the economy, somebody else just might…“If the Chinese hadn’t gone to Prato, would there be pronto moda?” asked Matteo Wong, 30, who was born in China and raised in Prato …In recent months, Prato has become a diplomatic point of contention. Italian officials say the Chinese government has not done enough so far to address the issue of illegal immigrants, and they are seeking a bilateral accord with China to identify and deport them. Some Prato residents suspect that the flood of immigrants is part of a strategy by Beijing to exploit the Italian market, though the Chinese government does not generally use illegal migrants to carry out its overseas development plans.”

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China At Night- Tai Yuan Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2010

Tai Yuan China

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Petitioning in China, When a Right is Not a Right

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2010

China has a system whereby angered citizens from whatever province can come to Beijing to ‘petition’ the government to hear their case or grievance. This sounds like a fair and equitable solution. If a person feels for whatever reason that they are or can be discriminated against in their home province, they merely have to travel to Beijing and let Big Brother take care of them , at least in theory.
The problem is that local officials are promoted and graded upon many things, and of them the most important or money or how much cash the province generates, and how few complaints the province receives, or how few petitioners actually make it to Beijing to complain. Therein lies the rub, as there is a mutually exclusivity of needs. The country wants the people to be able to complain, but the local officials look badly when someone complains, so it is in their best interests to squelch any complaints by any means possible.
Thus, in Beijing, the local provinces have ‘helpers’ who are something akin to spies who look out for locals from their province and then shadow them. if they find an angered villager going to the local offices to petition, they will usually use any means possible to stop this person. The ‘spy’ will supposedly detain, or sequester the ‘trouble maker’ and generally do anything possible all so that the person cannot exercise their right. It is funny as we have one of those petition offices nearby and you just get the sense of the desperation and anguish as the ‘spies’ are on the lookout for potential trouble makers.

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Smoking in China- Lady Tries to Stop Co-worker from Smoking and He Brings the Pain

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 15, 2010

This lady in China tried to stop a guy from smoking at work and apparently he went nuclear on her and knocked her around a bit. Appently this guy likes smoking too much, or maybe he is just plain crazy. The lady is 49 (see below) and it the age of the guy was not reported. I dont know about you guys, but as for me, the Chinese have two problematic groups of people, the one child policy people born after 1980 and the men who are 40 and above.I would bet this guy belongs to the latter category. I guess the good thing is that he had no meat clear and she was spared that…

“After she tried to stop a colleague from smoking in the office, Wang Fen, 49, was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with a cerebral concussion, http://www.cnhubei.com reported Tuesday. “I don’t know why he put me through this. I have serious pharyngitis and am very sensitive to smoke,” Wang cried from her hospital bed. She was hospitalized for 20 days after she was hit by her colleague Mr. Liu, who is said to have smoked in the office on more than one occasion. Liu came to apologize to Wang and paid 4,000 yuan ($593) as compensation.

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